Home Politics 2018 elections President Temer gives up re-election and announces support to Henrique Meirelles

President Temer gives up re-election and announces support to Henrique Meirelles



President says he will be “very proud” if one day the former finance minister is proclaimed by popular vote president of Brazil

President Michel Temer announced Tuesday at an MDB event in Brasilia that he will not run for re-election and will support the pre-candidacy of his former finance minister, Henrique Meirelles , to the Presidency of the Republic.

“We call you, Meirelles, to be president of Brazil,” Temer said. “May you be the only center candidate to continue what we have started,” the emedebist said at the launch ceremony of the party’s “Meeting with the Future.”

At a press conference after Michel Temer’s announcement, Meirelles said the president “did not give up [reelection], he participated and made a choice, just as the MDB is making a choice. It is an affirmative gesture, of choice, of decision and, in fact, of direction. ” The former minister spoke to the sludge of the party’s president, Senator Romero Jucá (RR).

On Michel Temer’s participation, rejected by 70% of the population, on his electoral platform, the former minister was evasive at first, stating that Temer will be busy during the remaining seven months of his government, but later classified the president as a “Positive electoral cable”, due to the improvement of the economy. The MDB pre-candidate to the Presidency stressed at various times that the country overcame the recession and grew again during the Temer government.

“Brazil has already tired of adventure, already tired of populist politician because all this generates recession, generates crisis, generates unemployment,” declared Henrique Meirelles.