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Gov’t reduces fuel tax but truckers strike continues



The national strike of truck drivers, begun on Monday (21), continues even after a meeting of ministers with representatives of the strikers. Demonstration leaders told the press that the tax cut called CIDE is not enough.

The category claiming exemption of PIS, Cofins and Cide on diesel used by independent carriers and proposes subsidy measures for the purchase of diesel oil.

Truckers bolted the main highways of the country. That is why there is already a shortage of fuel at gas stations and at some airports. Urban transport also runs the risk of stopping for lack of fuel. There is a risk of food shortages in supermarkets.

According to data from the Brazilian Truck Association, truck drivers participated in 17 Brazilian states. Already the survey of the Federal Highway Police pointed to the greatest mobilization in 21 states.

The Brazilian Association of Animal Proteins (ABPA) warns that trucks carrying live animals may be impaired. Adherence to the movement is increasing every day.

President Michel Temer has called for a truce on strike as the government seeks a solution, but the strikers appear not to be willing to heed this request.