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Petrobras cuts diesel prices 10% in bid to ease Brazil trucker protest



The Brazilian Association of Truck Drivers (ABCAM) said on Thursday that protests against the rise in diesel fuel and the tax burden on the fuel will continue until the exemption of the PIS / Cofins rate on the product, approved yesterday by the House of Representatives be published in the Official Gazette of the Union.

On Wednesday night, the House of Representatives approved the payroll tax bill for some sectors of the economy, including a PIS / Cofins exemption on diesel, something the truckers demanded.

Meanwhile, Pedro Parente, Petrobras CEO decided in agreement with the company’s board of directors to reduce the value of diesel by 10 percent, until the government reaches an understanding with the truck drivers, but strike continues until Federal Tax exemption leaves in the Official Gazette, according ABCAM.

Abcam told via his press office that the shutdown will be closed only when the measure, which has yet to be examined by the Senate, is sanctioned by President Michel Temer and published in the DO.

The truck stoppage came on the fourth day on Thursday, with blockades on roads across the country leading to shortages of products and huge queues of drivers at petrol stations, although Petrobras announced yesterday a 10 percent prices of refinery diesel for 15 days.

Several sectors of the economy already report shortages and losses in exports.