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Truckers Strike in its sixth Day



Nearly 400 points on Brazil”s roads remain blocked on the sixth day of the autonomous truckers” strike against the fuel policy implemented by Petrobras and backed by the government of Michel Temer.

The country’s economic capital of Sao Paulo has declared a state of emergency, the auto industry has shut down, gas stations have run out of fuel and flights were cancelled. According to press reports, there are 387 points where interruptions still occur.

Temer said he had “mobilised the security forces” to clear the roads. “We are not going to permit that the population does not have access to essential goods… that hospitals do not have the necessary medicines to save lives,” he said in a televised address. He blamed ‘a radical minority.’

During a press conference offered on the eve the head of the extraordinary Ministry of Public Security Raul Jungmann specified that out of 938 obstructions recorded on Thursday, 519 remained.

In view of the journalists’ doubts, according to which the existing perception is that instead of decreasing the strike gained strength, Jungmann assured that those data offered by him were ‘absolutely credible’ data compiled by the more than 10,000 troops that the Federal Police of Roads has.

The minister also announced that about 20 businessmen were called to testify and will be investigated, allegedly for organizing a ‘lockout’ and taking advantage of the fair claims of truck drivers to make a profit. We have clear indications that employers, distributors and transporters incurred this crime, he remarked.

Referring to Temer’s decision to resort, once again, to the use of the armed forces to try to solve a critical situation, the head of the institutional security cabinet, General Sergio Etchegoyen, said that the risk of shortages was ‘the trigger that shot ‘the need to move to a more energetic action.

According to Etchegoyen and the Chief Minister of the Civil House, Eliseu Padilha, the government’s objective in driving the armed forces is to protect the population and to prevent the citizenship from ‘suffering more’.

The use of federal security forces to end the measure of strength of the autonomous truckers will be covered by a decree of Guarantee of Law and Order (GLO) issued by Temer and that will be valid until June 4 in all the national territory.

In relation to the deployment of the military to end the strike, the Defense Ministry issued a note in which it states that the use of the Armed Forces ‘will be carried out quickly, energetically and integrated’.