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Truckers keep paralysis and government responds with army



Because of the shortage of fuel caused by the truckers’ strike, which arrived on the 7th day in this Sunday, May 27th, universities, schools and public offices in many states of the country suspended operations on Monday 28th. Airports canceled flights across the country due to lack of fuel.

The army and states polices make escorts for tank trucks to ensure supplies of vital services, such as hospitals, public safety, among others. According to official information, the truck drivers’ movement is shrinking on the roads thanks to military intervention.

However, even if the truckers leave the road, this does not mean that they will return to work, since the payment of freights is less than their expenses. Therefore, the solution by force may not achieve the goals that the government wishes to achieve, because they do not guarantee the return of the truck drivers to work.

Government keep a Crisis Office in Planalto Palace since last Wednesday. Meanwhile, the Senate will meet on Monday, 28th, to vote new law on freight. The truckers demand that diesel’s price be marketed at a price lower than current.

Protesters wearing t-shirts of the colors of the Brazilian flag protested in favor of the truckers. With banners and posters, they support the movement and urge the Federal Government to reduce fuel tax rates. In the peaceful act, they also call for an end to corruption in politics.

The great threat to the government would be the incorporation of other categories of workers to join the movement. This could put in check the survival of the government itself.