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Federation urges unions to halt oil tanker strike

Justice had imposed a penalty of R$ 500 thousand per day standstill (about US$ 133 thousand), but the amount increased to R $ 2 million (US$ 535 thousand) day



The Petroleum Workers Federation (FUP) has urged the affiliated unions to suspend the 72-hour strike that began Wednesday May 30th at midnight, according to a statement issued on Thursday, the Corpus Christi holiday. In the statement, the entity accused the Higher Labor Court (TST) of “criminalizing” the union movement, considering the strike illegal and determining the application of a fine in case of noncompliance. First, a penalty of R $ 500 thousand per day was imposed, but the amount would then be raised to R $ 2 million.

“The TST’s decision is clearly to criminalize and make social and union movements unfeasible. Faced with this, the FUP directs the unions to suspend the strike, “says excerpt from the note, published on the FUP website. “The TST plays the game of capital and would not let the oil tankers strike cheaply. The daily fines of R $ 500 thousand jumped to R $ 2 million, plus the criminalization of the movement, “he adds.

Unions gathered at the FUP decided to strike in the week prior to Monday (21), when the protests of truck drivers began in the country. At the time, the union did not set a date for the start of the standstill. With the growth of the truck drivers’ movement on the roads, the FUP met last Saturday (26) and decided to call a warning stop for 72 hours.

On Tuesday (29), the day before the strike began, the TST considered the stoppage illegal because of its “political and ideological nature.” On Wednesday, a daily fine of 18 trade union entities was raised from R $ 500,000 to R $ 2 million. The strike was also supported by the National Federation of Oil Tankers (FNP).

“Prior to the truckers’ legitimate protest against abusive diesel prices, FUP and its unions had already approved a national strike to stop the uncontrolled escalation of increases in cooking gas and oil products, charging for a resumption of full refinery production and the end of imports of derivatives, “says the FUP note.

In addition to changes in Petrobras’ pricing policy, the list of oil tanker claims includes the resignation of state oil company president Pedro Parente and the suspension of the company’s asset sale program.

There are no labor demands, such as salary increase or reduction of working hours. This argument was presented to the TST by the Petrobras management, which had the request of injunction against the accepted stoppage.

Throughout Wednesday night, tankers challenged the TST decision. Of the 52 platforms maintained by Petrobras, 25 joined the strike, and of the 15 refineries, in 10 there were mobilizations. Throughout the day, shift shifts were delayed and contingency teams took over the activities of the strikers, ensuring continuity of operations. The supply of oil products was not compromised.

The FUP classified the decision to suspend the strike of “momentary retreat and necessary for the construction of the strike for an indefinite time”. “This serious violation of trade union rights will be widely denounced,” he says.