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ABPA reviews sector’s losses production pork and poultry



Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA) announces that all 167 slaughterhouses units which had suspended production during the strike of truck drivers, resumed activities this week.

According to the latest consolidated figures for ABPA among its members, the strike generated total impact of R $ 3.150 billion to the productive sector and exporter of poultry, pork, eggs and genetic material.

Although the animals recorded losses, restarting the feed flow field in a squad prevented from about 1 billion heads continued at risk.

The reorganization of the production chain and product distribution after the suspension of activities during the strike will generate extra costs to the industry. In other words, until you reestablish all sectoral systematic, it will be more costly to industries produce each kilogram of meat and egg each unit. There will be the need to increase the supply of credit lines to maintain the recovery of agro-industrial chain.

In this context, the ABPA expresses its concern about the rise in production costs due to the sharp rise in corn prices and soybean (which burdened protein production before the strike of truck drivers) and the establishment of minimum freight table. Being intensive sectors road use (with transport of live animals, feed, supplies, etc.) poultry and swine will be heavily impacted by the new logistics costs.

Even with all the challenges that are at hand and the natural fall in the supply of products resulting from the strike, poultry and pig farming are still committed to restoring the flow of food and the food security of the population.