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ABPA questions tariffs on chicken meat as anti-dumping duty



Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA) expresses its protest against the decision of the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) for the application of tariff measures for Brazilian chicken meat as provisional anti-dumping duty.

The association maintains that there is no causal link between the exports of chicken meat from Brazil and any local marketing situations. The explanations given by the productive sector and by exporting agricultural industries have made clear the absence of any possible damage to the producers and the Chinese market.

The organization considers that the determination of the measure is a throwback in good business relations built by Brazilian and Chinese throughout this decade, as well as in partnership to complementary food security assurance from China.

Despite a potential downturn in the performance of shipments in tons, the trade flow should be maintained even with the imposition of the measure, against the need and high demand of the Chinese market. In 2017, the country was the target 391,400 tons of chicken meat from Brazil, equivalent to 9.2% of all the country embarked on the period.

The investigation was initiated in August 2017 at the request of local producers. The process conducted by the Chinese government looked even companies that do not export to the Asian country.

The decision is provisional. The final measure will be announced in August this year. The ABPA will continue to work within the process, seeking to reverse the decision imposed temporarily.