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Poll indicates that the truckers strike was harmful



Research also points out that most Brazilians want control over the price of fuels

Almost 70% of Brazilians believe that the truck stoppage has caused more damage than benefits to the country, and they argue that the government controls the prices of fuels and cooking gas, even if it generates losses for Petrobras , according to research published by Datafolha this Monday Jun. 11st.

According to the survey, published by Folha de S.Paulo newspaper, 68% of Brazilians are against the policy of fuel readjustments currently used by Petrobras, which links the values ​​to the international variation of the oil barrel and the dollar.

This part of the population believes that “the government should control Petrobras and lower fuel and gas prices, even though (state-owned) may suffer losses,” while 26 percent consider that the government should leave Petrobras “free to define the price of their products and seek profit like other companies. ”

The rise in diesel prices due to Petrobras’ pricing policy was the main cause of the truck stoppage last month, which lasted more than 10 days and only ended after the government met a series of demands, including a reduction in fuel prices , generating high fiscal costs.

Responsible for implementing the policy of price readjustment linked to the barrel of oil in the international market, Petrobras president Pedro Parente resigned after the government’s decision to reduce the price of diesel.

The Datafolha poll also noted that 69 percent of respondents believe the strike has brought more harm than good to the country, while 20 percent point to the opposite, saying they have seen more gains than losses.

During the shutdown, Datafolha conducted a telephone survey of the truckers’ strike that pointed out 87 percent support for the strike. However, the institute pointed out that it is not possible to make a comparison between the numbers due to the different methodology.

The survey also pointed out that 72 percent of the population believe that the country’s economic situation has deteriorated in recent months, against only 6 percent who saw improvement. In April, 52 percent of Brazilians felt that there had been a worsening economic environment.