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Seventeen out of 24 senators target of the operation Car Wash should seek re-election



Senado Federal has 81 parliamentarians, or three for each unit of the federation, who serve eight-year terms. In the next elections, each state and the Federal District will elect two of them, which means two-thirds of the total, equivalent to 54 politicians. Every four years, a portion of the House is renewed. In 2014, 27 names, or one third of the vacancies, won the suit. Each federative unit therefore elected a senator.

Among those who will run for a seat in the Senate, in the next elections – which will have a record number of candidates seeking re-election – 17 of the 24 parliamentarians are investigated by the operation Car Wash. They could then go into the hands of Judge Sérgio Moro, who is in charge of the task force in Curitiba.

In addition to the presidents of the Republic, the Chamber, the Senate and the Federal Supreme Court (STF), deputies, senators, ministers and the Attorney General of the Republic can only be investigated or prosecuted in the STF; while the governors go to the Superior Court of Justice (STJ).

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Last month, however, the Supreme Court changed the understanding and decided to restrict the forum to deputies and senators, who will only come to the Court if criminal offenses suspected of having taken place because of the function and during the term of office. Otherwise, the cases should be referred to the first instance of Justice.

Among the politicians named in Car Wash, who will face re-election are senators Aécio Neves and Romero Jucá, champions of investigations opened by the Supreme Court, according to the State of São Paulo.

In addition, 22 other names are cited in the investigations of the task force: Senate President Eunício Oliveira, Lindbergh Farias, Humberto Costa, Jorge Viana, Gleisi Hoffmann, Renan Calheiros, Garibaldi Alves Filho, Jader Barbalho, Edison Lobão, José Agripino Maia, Cídio Cunha Lima, Aloísio Nunes, Lídice da Mata, Vanessa Grazziotin, Valdir Raupp, Ricardo Ferraço, Dalirio Beber and Eduardo Braga.