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Presidential candidates preach tax reform during an event to mayors in State of Minas Gerais



Six presidential pre-candidates participated in the 35th Minas Gerais Congress of Municipalities

To hundreds of mayors, city councilors and secretaries at the 35th Minas Gerais Congress of Municipalities, six pre-candidates for the presidency basically defended the same proposals, following the interest of the audience: better distribution of resources to the municipalities.

Proposals for tax reform, simplifying taxes, and reform of the federative pact, with decentralization of resources and skills, dominated the debate.

According to candidate Álvaro Dias, the municipalities receive demands, but not the compatible resources to serve them and are “hostages to go to Brasilia with the saucer in hand.” “It takes a progressive system to tax income more than consumption and automatically pass on to municipalities what they can.”

The candidate Ciro Gomes also advocated more taxation of income and increase of inheritance tax to increase the amount of municipalities, as well as sharing with municipalities social contributions, such as PIS / Cofins.

The candidates also said that the country needs to reindustrialize to grow. Gomes, however, was annoyed at being interrupted when his speaking time was over and he argued with the audience, leaving the event booed and ahead of schedule.

Gomes arrived with the former mayor of Belo Horizonte and pre-candidate for the Minas government, Márcio Lacerda. Lacerda already has the support of the PDT formalized and is quoted for the vacancy of vice of Gomes. The peddler greeted him onstage as “future governor.”

Paulo Rabello de Castro (PSC) preached, in addition to the simplifying tax reform, administrative and Social Security reform. “On January 2, we will have ready the amendment convening the constitutional revision of the Charter of 1988. […] It was born to be municipal, but is still a colonizer of the municipalities.”

Geraldo Alckmin included in the list of policy reforms, advocating the mixed district or district vote. He also presented infrastructure projects for highways and highways as a solution to generate employment. “The first task is to make the country grow and invest again,” he said.

Senator Antonio Anastasia, who competes for the Minas government, accompanied Alckmin at the event.

Marina Silva was accompanied by candidate for the Minas government, João Batista dos Mares Guia. She advocated greater sharing of resources to municipalities, decentralization and simplification of taxes.

Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who competes for the Planalto, but is imprisoned in Curitiba, was represented by the representative Reginaldo Lopes. The parliamentarian delivered a letter of commitments from the Workers Party to the organizers of the event and spoke, but was booed at the end.

Lopes defended the repeal of the spending ceiling and criticized the reforms, both government measures Michel Temer (MDB). “The family income is the basis of the economy and if it is attacked in the labor and welfare reforms, the economy decreases,” he said.

He also proposed carrying out public works to pull the private sector and generate eight million jobs in four years. Like the presidential ones, Lopes defended greater participation of the municipalities in the cake of tax collection.