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Activist calls for punishment of Brazilians who have harassed women in Russia



A Russian activist has created a petition on the internet to gather demonstrations of support for the punishment of Brazilians filmed harassing a woman during the celebrations of the World Cup in Russia. As of 6:00 pm, the petition already had more than 9 thousand signatures.

Alena Popova says that Russian law provides ways to hold anyone who humiliates the honor or dignity of others. According to her, the behavior of Brazilians can also be framed as a violation of public order or harassment, and may be punished with administrative fines.

The activist contends that Brazilians filmed embarrassing unidentified woman should publicly apologize for disrespecting Russian women and laws by behaving sexist.

In the petition, Alena asks the Russian authorities to take into account, in addition to the content of the videos shared by the social networks and the signatures collected by her, also the reports published by the press. And he claims to have consulted the Brazilian Embassy about possible sanctions that Brazilians may suffer upon returning to the country. Agência Brasil has contacted Itamaraty to confirm this information, but has not yet received any answers.

Faced with the negative repercussion, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Tourism and Sport hastened to condemn the behavior of Brazilians. Today, Sports Minister Leandro Cruz da Silva said that the attitude of the men filmed ridiculing a girl who does not seem to understand the meaning of the offensive phrases that the Brazilians shout in chorus and in Portuguese shamed the whole Brazil, disdaining the receptivity russian

The Ministry of Tourism also condemned the attitude of the group, stating in a note that machismo and misogyny are not acceptable in any respect, much less in an event such as the World Cup held to “promote integration between peoples and cultures the world. ”

The Military Police of Santa Catarina (PM-SC) and the section of the Brazilian Bar Association in Pernambuco have nominally identified two of the men who appear in the video that won the social networks in recent days. The PM has announced that the lieutenant, who is on holiday in Russia, will respond to administrative disciplinary proceedings when he returns to work. And the OAB repudiated “vehemently” the episode and the involvement of a lawyer from Pernambuco.

In explaining the reasons for creating the petition, Alena Popova states that the public reaction in Brazil is exactly as it should have been in Russia – which, according to her, does not occur. This morning, the Brazilian embassy informed, during an interview of the Minister of Sport, that he received several expressions of repudiation of Brazilians, but no complaints from Russian citizens.

In addition to the video in which a group of Brazilians surround a woman shouting words alluding to the female sexual organ, at least two other records of Brazilians humiliating foreigners circulate on social networks. One of them was recorded by a young man who worked at the Latam airline, which fired him as soon as the episode became public.