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Chicken meat exports totaled 234,100 tons in June

Shipments of pork in natura reach 29,700 tons in the month. Strike by truckers generated impacts on the industry 's exports

Francisco Turra

Brazilian chicken meat exports (considering all products, please   in natura   and processed) totaled 234,100 tons in June, according to surveys by the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA).   The number is 36.9% lower than the performance in the same period last year, when they were shipped 370,900 tons.   The balance was also 30% lower than the 333,200 tonnes in May this year.

According to data from ABPA, the lower sales volume generated impact on export revenues, reaching US $ 358.1 million in June, balance 41.9% lower than the $ 616.4 million achieved in the sixth month of 2017, and 30.8% lower than the $ 517.6 million obtained in May.

“The reduction of 99,100 tons and US $ 159.4 million in June, compared with May, is a direct result of roadblocks and shutdown of the ports that occurred during the strike of truck drivers.   There was a general decline in volumes shipped to all export markets, “said Francisco Turra, president of ABPA.

In the year, exports of poultry meat reached 1.835 million tons in the first half, volume 13.5% lower than the 2.121 million tons shipped in the first six months of 2017.

In revenue, there was a decrease of 17.4%, with US $ 2.960 billion in the first half of 2018, compared with $ 3.582 billion obtained in 2017.

Fresh pork –   The pork Brazilian exports were also impacted by the strike of truck drivers. The balance of June, exports of the product  in natura   They reached 29.7 thousand tons, 44.9% less than the 54,000 tons exported in the sixth month of 2017, and 27.5% less than the 41,000 tons shipped in May.

In revenue, the losses amount to 59%, to $ 57.9 million in June this year and $ 141.5 million last year. Compared to May, the reduction is 30.5% on the US $ 83.4 million balance in the fifth month of 2018.

In the first half, the decline in sales volumes is 20%, with 234 700 tonnes in 2018, against 293,700 tons in 2017. There was a decrease also in cumulative revenue, 32%, to $ 501.1 million this year, compared with $ 740.3 million last year.

Ricardo Santin

“The losses generated by blocking the roads directly impacted the initial projections of exports for this first half, at a time in which recorded strong sales to China, which had diminished the effects of the Russian embargo.   The expectation is that the monthly performance is normalized in July, “says Ricardo Santin, executive director of ABPA.