Home Foreign affairs Senate Committee approves Sergio Moreira Lima new ambassador to Australia

Senate Committee approves Sergio Moreira Lima new ambassador to Australia

Senator Collor de Mello and ambassador Sergio Moreira Lima - photo Geraldo Magela / Agencia Senado

Senate Foreign Relations Committee (CRE) on Thursday Jul. 5th approved the appointment of diplomat Sérgio Moreira Lima as the head of the Brazilian embassy in Australia. The analysis of the nomination now follows the Senate plenary.

On Saturday, Moreira Lima said that the trade exchange between Brazil and Australia has the potential to increase more than 400%. The current flow, around US $ 1.8 billion per year, is seen as small if both countries’ GDP is taken into account. In the medium term, he said, trade could reach $ 8 billion. One of the measures announced by the diplomat will be to bring military attachés to the country to promote the sale of Embraer aircraft and other defense materials.

“Embraer’s planes have been around for 40 years, but this is a relationship full of ups and downs. We want to make it a winning partnership, and the KC-390 freighter creates this condition. We have what to offer, the most modern technology, for a nation that needs to take care of security for the entire Pacific region,” he said.

Moreira Lima also said that Brazil can benefit from water desalination technologies and deepen partnerships in agribusiness. He recalled that Australia is the seventh largest exporter in the world, especially due to the high quality of its production. The exchange should focus on the appreciation of Brazilian brands.

“Australia has the most up-to-date technique for charting products. It is possible to identify all the origin of each production made there. Brazil has focused historically on wholesale production, on being the major supplier, and has neglected to build the brand. In fact, this difficulty in building a brand is also present in other sectors of ours,” he said.