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Advantages of Working With Education


Ronaldo Mota – Chancellor, Estacio Group

Every form of work is valid. Any honest work is noble. Even so, not all jobs are the same; some tasks seem to be more pleasurable and positively differentiated. Among the distinguished works, I highlight education.

There is nothing wrong with selling products and services. Even so, if I sell food, for example, it can do good or bad. If ingest in excessive quantities, I can put on fat and undermine my health. If my business is to sell automobiles, although some are better than others, they all, at some level, pollute and generate congestion, as well as causing damage, sometimes fatal, in cases of accidents. Activities in the financial market, lending money and securing credits, seek to solve problems and promote development. It can work and be useful, but it can go wrong and end up being catastrophic. In certain situations it only aggravates the initial difficulty of the client, transforming the payment of the loan itself in a great drama in the future.

There are numerous other examples of products and services that are characterized by having more value, the rarer and more exclusive they are, in general, selling to the exclusion of others. Education, in turn, is one of the few services (health is another) where even those who do not get it gain as well. Those who enjoy it will never live the circumstance of having too much of it, even though calling someone overly educated is a compliment. Conviviality in an environment where everyone has access to education does not generate knowledge pollution or accidents. Even those who disregard education will be privileged if they can enjoy the opportunities generated by a community that values ​​and encourages education.

The essential role of learning processes is to emancipate the learner, preparing him/her for life, in all its dimensions. One of the strategic functions of education is to ensure a qualified workforce, so that the products and services generated can be competitive, promoting sustainable economic, social and environmental development.

In the teaching profession it is not up to the teacher to distribute a limited amount of knowledge to the students. Teaching one does not detract from who teaches and is unlimited to those who learn, regardless of how many learners. When one learns, others also gain, especially those who have taught, who learn to teach better and better.

Learning more does not take away from what is already known or who already knows.
Education in today’s world, unlike the recent past, is the primary tool in any circumstance. Forget about weapons, think of knowledge as the most effective survival tool in contemporary wars. The only risk of education is their absence or disability, that is, not having enough schooling is an almost inevitable path to suffering, poverty, material and spiritual.

An educated person, by his behaviors, habits and postures gains immediate respect from all, anywhere and always. Money, fame and power also generate similar, but not equal, feelings, since they are circumstantial and not perennial, but not necessarily sincere.
In the past, being in the family with possessions automatically determined the future of the children. Today, the best jobs and business opportunities are open to those who study and learn, gaining knowledge throughout life, whether rich or poor. And the more one studies, the broader the chances of success, in a comprehensive and unlimited way.

Last but not least: education makes friends. The most sincere and enduring relationships are backed by admiration of who the other person is. Although money and beauty seem to compete in the same sense, let us remember that both are much less perennial than the knowledge acquired and what we become in function of it. Reflecting appreciation for education, nothing more charming and attractive than intelligence.