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Brazil Needs Ace Players in the Legislative and the Executive. Enough of Sticky Legs

Prof. Gabriel Mario Rodrigues

Gabriel Mario Rodrigues – Chairman of the Board of Directors of ABMES (The Brazilian Association of Owners of Private Higher Education Institutions)

“The World Cup in which differences are affirmed by national identities actually levels everyone in the common denominator of the most primary impulses. Made up of Brazilians or Koreans, we are all powerful and helpless at the same time, we are the same strong and fragile humanity. And we have the same ancestors, as is unmistakably revealed by the simian gestures of all the scorers when they score a goal. “(RosiskaDarcy de Oliveira – O Globo columnist)

France won the FIFA World Cup in a tournament attended by more than one million people and seen by more than two and a half billion viewers across the globe. In the field, the greatest athletes of this sport; in the bleachers, the peoples of the world. People of the most diverse nationalities and various tongues showed that the world is one.

In observing the fans we find that people are different, but, suddenly, by manifestations, everyone becomes equal. Painted faces expressing anxiety when the defense is being attacked and vibrant with joy when its teams score a goal.

Russia did not win the World Cup, but it was a champion of hospitality. One of our distinguished readers, Helena Neiva, president of the Pythagoras Foundation, sent us a message bringing some of what she saw there in those days.

Inside and outside the stadiums, in the squares and cafes, in the shops and museums, people of the most diverse nationalities, mixing gestures and affection, showed that someday mankind will realize that we are all the same, we have the same feelings and all aspire to be happy. We got to know the Russian people and they, too, I believe for the first time in Moscow and in the eleven cities of the World Cup, had contact with the most diverse peoples of the world, and they saw that in the end people only aspire to one goal: to live in a better world.

The world is different from my high school days. At the time, we read that Russian women were abused and did the heaviest jobs, such as breaking and removing rocks and cleaning garbage from the streets, and men in turn ate little children.

My idea in writing this article would be to compare the World Cup with the “electoral championship” we are going to have in October, in which, to win, all the fans need to participate and only then will we eradicate this bunch of bad politicians that are ravaging the parents.

The scope is to clarify to the voters that the cup to be won is the well-being of all and the development of the country. In order to solve the various problems that everyone is already tired of knowing it is necessary to elect a Congress composed only by stars.

To win the game, the country can no longer rely on a team of stick legs of all kinds, as shown by columnist Vinicius Torres Freire in his excellent article in Folha de S.Paulo, published on the 13th, under the title Self-destruction.

What you see is a lot of disunity among fans. Equally, voters need to think hard to better choose their candidates. And, like all fans, they must be united in choosing only the best.

What we have done up to now is not working, because the team is losing in all the championships and very soon we will end up in the 4th division. In education, we see illiteracy rates, industry closing, unemployment, etc.

We can no longer vote without knowing for whom: the son, nephew or grandson of the politician. We can only vote for the best and so we need to know about each of them and their background. What’s more, it’s no use just picking good players, we need to have a good coach with good support staff, good tactics and strategies.

It is not easy to have a champion team, but, like in the Cup, when the player does not play well, he needs to be replaced. Now it’s time to put your feet on the ground and with your hand type the right number in the voting place, without committing penalty, as well as to put your head to work: there is a decisive game ahead. The October elections is the World Cup that will decide whether or not we are able to turn the tables.

Right and left politicians face each other and, in order to win the match, they abuse of fake news – made up of kicking each other, hand in the ball, aggressions, off-sides … In social networks, a more comfortable version of the bleachers, fans cheer and curse and yell. Instead of generating new and better bases for disagreements, this left/right confrontation reinforces a coarse and superficial antagonism that serves only to give vent to repressed drives and feeds the polarization spiral into real and virtual spaces. Divided and disunited, both fans do not realize that corruption uses both hands. This fact has been proven by numerous congressional investigations – CPIs.

The time has come for the fans to exchange their teenage screams and curses for adult and mature discussions, as a result of the improvement of skills and competences that must be provided by an education system whose only concern is improvement itself.

The fans have to be attentive to the politicians who act on the side-lines, that transit at the edge of the field, now in the left, sometimes in the right, in accordance to the flavor of the own conveniences. Red card for them. Brazil needs attacking politicians, who sweat the shirt, who make the long-awaited goal in education, health, and economy.

How to choose them? Every Brazilian is a potential coach: he knows tactics and strategies, draws up schemes, assembles and replaces players.

What should be demanded of those who have been chosen:

(1) competence for the position, since it is human capital; political capital – fruit of caucuses, indications and kinship that must be analyzed with suspicion and care;
(2) probity, without it we will continue to wallow in the mire in which our politics are stuck;
(3) power of persuasion (not of manipulation), to shorten distances between opponents, negotiate and obtain consensus on issues fundamental to the country’s progress and development;
(4) daring to think the new.

Having chosen the team, when the game begins, keep your eyes on the referee and his assistants! The game has to be won on the field, with technique and dedication. Winning by pre-arrangements, as has happened with so many crucial issues for Brazil, cannot happen!

The truth is that selecting the team requires a lot of care to avoid the sticky legs because to win the cup we need to get the right representatives of Congress (deputies and senators) as well as the state and federal executives who are exuding rot.

There are a several problems we need to solve. I recall the quick poll that we proposed in XI CBESP in Bahia, when asked “What is the problem of Brazil?”. The results are dynamic, but today, with little more than a thousand responses, corruption, education and social inequality appear as the most serious causes.

And there is more, that I was forgetting: we urgently need a constitutional reform to deal with the judiciary, which has long since become obsolete. Therefore, in the phase in which Brazil is, it is not enough just to cheer. We need to participate and only vote on the best players. Enough of sticky legs!

We must also lose the habit of forgetting who we vote for. We must always remember, collect, monitor the work through the channels of communication and social networks that, in fact, will be decisive in these elections, more than ever.