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Traditional Brazilian exchange broker entering the cryptocurrencies market



The B & T Group, owner of one of the largest exchange brokers in Brazil, announces that it is in the crypto-coins segment. The company has launched fintech bitblue.com , which already operates Bitcoin , Ethereum and Dash.

The exchange, which enters to compete with the country’s largest such as Foxbit, BitcoinTrade and Bitcoin Market, promises “greater market liquidity.” According to Vivian Portela, founding partner, this will be secured by partnerships with international exchanges, such as Kraken.

“Most exchanges work by buying and selling, so if a user wants to buy and has no one to sell, they have to wait for an offer. We guarantee immediate liquidity because we bring the crypt out there at any time, “he explains.

Concerning the cryptomeda values ​​oscillation, Vivian sees greater stability as they mature as a means of payment and that the operations are regulated in some countries . The Central Bank of Brazil, for the time being, does not offer this perspective.

With an eye on innovation
B & T is an exchange institution, authorized by the Central Bank, which has been operating since 1993 and has its investment in technology. The idea of ​​entering the crypto market has been studied for more than two years, thus prior to Bitcoin’s overvaluation last year .

The group believes that Bitcoin will play a leading role as a means of payment and, therefore, should integrate the portfolio of products available for exchange.

“Gradually, Bitcoin will gain space as a way to facilitate international transfers,” says Edisio Pereira Neto, founding partner.

According to Pereira, the platform, which is in beta-test, already has about 10 thousand customers. It attributes quick adherence to liquidity and the promotional rate of 0%.

BitBlue is also integrated with a payment company, which automates the processes and guarantees transactions in up to five minutes.

Plans for the second half include the expansion of the exchange of crypto-coins to physical stores (B & T has 200 houses in the country) and the inclusion of two or three new digital coins in the operation.