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Brazil recalls ambassador in Nicaragua after student death

Itamaraty also called on the Nicaraguan ambassador to provide clarification



After issuing a hard note early in the afternoon, in which she expressed indignation over the death of Brazilian medical student Rayneia Gabrielle Lima, the Foreign Ministry took two measures on Tuesday: it called on the Nicaraguan ambassador in Brazil, Lorena Del Carmen Martinez, to provide clarification on the subject; and called back to Brasilia the Brazilian ambassador in Nicaragua, Luís Cláudio Villafañe Gomes Santos.

Raynéia Gabrielle Lima, a medical student at the American University in Managua, was killed by gunshots in unclear circumstances on Monday, a Brazilian foreign ministry statement said.

“The Brazilian government condemns the worsening repression and disproportional and lethal use of violence and the use of paramilitary groups in operations coordinated by security teams,” the statement said.

The content of the conversation with the ambassador was not revealed by the Itamaraty. Already the arrival of the Brazilian diplomat to Brazil, determined by the minister Aloyzio Nunes, demonstrates the dissatisfaction of the Brazilian government with the events. In the diplomatic rite, calling an ambassador back may be the first step towards tougher measures as relations between two countries are shaken. The Brazilian government wants the Nicaraguan authorities to identify and punish those responsible for the crime.