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Central parties officially support Alckmin’s candidacy



Center parties with a block that includes five parties (PP, PR, PRB, DEM and Solidarity) took place this morning in Brasilia

Central parties – PP, PR, PRB, DEM and Solidariedade – officiated this morning (26) in Brasilia their support for the pre-candidacy of Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB) to the Presidency of the Republic.

DEM leader ACM Neto said that it is not possible to support a candidate “genuinely wanting to vote for another”, in a clear reference to the long-running block alliance novel that even reached Ciro Gomes.

“In these days of much reflection and doubts it is natural that we have doubts,” said ACM Neto. “We have to listen to the heart in politics too,” said the deputy.

ACM Neto also made references about a possible streak in the block which has been speculated in recent days.

“All the parties that make up this alliance had pre-candidates and we were able to put aside the internal issues of each party to promote an alliance that was viewed by many with skepticism and distrust, we heard that this bloc would split,” he said.

The alliance, according to him, had a public spirit and a sense of Brazilianness. “It was in this spirit that we came here to converge around Alckmin,” he said.

The leader of the Democrats also thanked the commitment of Deputy Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ) as a pre-candidate. Earlier, the ACM read a letter from Maia giving up the post.

“Rodrigo has been making an indispensable contribution to democratic stability,” he said. He also said that the mayor was the synthesis of the capacity for dialogue and collective construction.

From the PRB, Marcos Pereira, stated that Brazil needs to be viewed realistically and hopefully today and that the party has conducted research to choose who to support. According to him, 72% of respondents said that the next president needs to be conciliatory.

“São Paulo is in the blue and Alckmin is going to make the country turn blue too, towards conciliation,” he said. “Brazil can not flirt with extremes,” he said.

Solidarity leader Paulinho da Força stated in his speech that “to take the country out of the hole only a set of forces like this”. “We need to rebuild this union organization,” he said.