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The Workers Party Has a Secret Plan to Remove Lula da Silva From Prison



Former President Lula da Silva, who has been convicted by three different courts and relegated to criminal status, is the Workers’ Party candidate for the presidency, although Brazilian law prohibits convicted felons from being elected.

According to sources heard by Brazil Monitor, there is a strategy for Lula da Silva and José Dirceu to flee the country as soon as Lula da Silva is released by Supreme Court Judge Dias Toffoli, who will occupy the presidency of that Court this September.

Toffoli is accused of receiving illegal payments since 2014. He is a shadowy militant of the Workers’ Party, with whom he shares important secrets, such as the murder of former mayor Celso Daniel, which has never been properly clarified.

Evidently, the Workers’ Party knows that there is no chance that Lula da Silva will be elected, but the hidden goal is to remove Lula da Silva from prison and put the “leader of the poor” in exile as a political dissident, victim of a plot to prevent him from returning to government.

The Workers Party tries to maintain a permanent state of agitation around the name of Lula da Silva and to repeat thousands of times that he is innocent and that he was condemned arbitrarily, without evidence.

From a legal stand, this argument is positively absurd since the former president had an ample right of defense during his criminal prosecution in which he was defended by the most renowned and expensive Brazilian lawyers. No one knows for sure how much has been spent to pay for Lula da Silva’s lawyer staff, or where this the mountain of money spent for lawyers, travel, propaganda, and an army of thousands of activists comes from.

But what has been proven is that Brazil suffered the biggest robbery in its history during the Lula / Dilma government, amounting to the absurd figure of more than one trillion reais, about US $300 billion.

Supporters of the gang of gangsters behind the Workers’ Party have developed countless strategies to stay focused on Lula da Silva’s impossible innocence. Famous artists attend events to lure supporters and keep up the hustle and bustle surrounding the denunciation that the Workers’ Party was the victim of a coup d’état during Dilma Rousseff’s administration and Lula da Silva was convicted without evidence.

Yesterday, there was one of these public acts in Rio de Janeiro, a city that was ravaged by organized crime, drug and arms trafficking and political delinquency. During the event, a team from the Regional Electoral Court confiscated pamphlets and stickers in support of former President Lula. Several booths distributed leaflets, masks of the former president’s face, and sold articles such as shirts and buttons with references to Lula.

About 10 prosecutors were harassed when they seized materials at some of the booths. At least one banner of the Workers ‘Party was seized, as well as printed material bearing the name of state deputy Gilberto Palmares and also federal representative Jandira Feghali, of the Communist Party of Brazil, and the candidate for the Presidency for the Communist Party of Brazil, Manuela D’Avila.

Present at the event, PT’s national president, Senator Gleisi Hoffman, investigated for several crimes, criticized the TRE’s attitude. According to her, people whose materials were seized were manifesting spontaneously.

“Here we are defending Lula’s freedom in a protest against the way the process is being conducted by justice. International demonstrations are increasingly strong in order to repudiate this prison,” she said.