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Progressive Party PP Confirms Support for Geraldo Alckmin for Presidential Election



The Progressive Party had already announced, along with other acronyms of the ‘Centrão’, the support to the pre-candidate Toucan. National convention of the PP was held on Thursday in Brasilia.

The Progressive (PP) made official this Thursday Aug 2nd the support to the candidacy to the Presidency of the Republic of Geraldo Alckmin, of the Social Democrat (PSDB). The confirmation of the alliance with the toucan took place in the national convention of the party, held in an auditorium of the Chamber of Deputies, in Brasilia.

The party had already announced its support for Alckmin’s pre-candidacy to Planalto last Thursday, along with other initials of the group called “Centrão”, also formed by DEM, PRB, PR and SD.

Alckmin thanked the PP president, Senator Ciro Nogueira, for the opportunity. The toucan said that Brazil wants to be “progressive” in reference to the name of the supporter. The PSDB pre-candidate said that there is no “home savior”, that it is necessary to have “time”.

“What Brazil wants is to be progressive, progress, employment, opportunity for the population.” Our challenge is to create condi tions, an environment for investment, to resume economic activity. is an opportunity for work, employment and income.This is not a task for a single person.There is no savior of the homeland, we have to have a proposal, a project and a team, “said Alckmin.

Nogueira replied to Alckmin: “We are united around your project”.

The candidacy of the former governor of Sao Paulo Geraldo Alckmin should be made official next Saturday (4), date of the convention of the PSDB.

According to estimates by BTG Pactual, who calculated the time of each party in the electoral propaganda, Alckmin can earn up to 14 minutes and 47 seconds of TV per day during the campaign from the alliance with the Centrão – 4 minutes and 15 seconds only from the PP .

The Electoral Code provides that party conventions are organized to choose, among the members of the acronym, candidates for elective positions. As the Progressives will not have candidate for president of the Republic, the legend opted for the alliance with the toucan.