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Political Parties Have Already Chosen 13 Presidential Candidates



According to the electoral legislation, the complete plates with the presidential candidates, vice-presitent, alliances or coalitions have to be made official until next Monday Auf 6th. This Yesterday, the Parties Patriota, Podemos, New Party, Workers Party, Social Democrat and Rede confirmed their candidates for the Presidency of the Republic in the 2018 elections.

Jair Bolsonaro

Federal deputy Jair Bolsonaro, 63, was confirmed on July 22 as the candidate for the Presidency of the Republic in this year’s elections. The plate does not have a deputy yet.

At the convention, Bolsonaro said that if elected, he wants to exclude the Ministry of Cities and to merge folders like Finance and Planning, as well as Agriculture and the Environment. The candidate also promised to privatize state-owned companies.

Ciro Gomes

The PDT confirmed on 20 July the candidacy of Ciro Gomes to the Presidency of the Republic at the national convention that brought together party members.

The party has not yet defined the candidate for vice president. This is the third time that Ciro Gomes will be candidate for the Presidency of the Republic: in 1998 and 2002. Born in Pindamonhangaba (SP), he built his political career in Ceará, where he was mayor of Fortaleza, elected in 1988, and governor of the state, elected in 1990. He resigned as governor in 1994 to take over the Itamar Franco government (1992-1994), by indication of the PSDB, his party at the time. Ciro Gomes was Minister of National Integration from 2003 to 2006, under former President Lula. He is 60 years old and has four children.

Geraldo Alckmin

In a national convention held in the federal capital, the PSDB confirmed the candidacy of the party’s president and former governor of Sao Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin, to the Presidency of the Republic in the October elections. Of the 290 voters, 288 approved Alckmin’s candidacy. There was one vote against and one abstention. Senator Ana Amélia (PP-RS) is the vice in the plate.

In the first speech as a candidate, Alckmin said he wants to be president to unite the country and recover the “stolen dignity” of Brazilians. He advocated political reform, declining state size and tax simplification to unlock the economy.

Marina Silva

The first national convention of the Sustainability Network (Rede) confirmed, by acclamation, the name Marina Silva as candidate of the acronym to the Presidency of the Republic. The candidate for vice on the plate, the sanitarista doctor, Eduardo Jorge, of the Green Party (PV), was also officially presented at the meeting.

The presidential candidate promised a clean campaign, without false news and without destroying biographies. It has committed itself to the reforms of the Social Security, tax and political, that ends the reelection and encourages independent candidacies. If elected, Marina also said she intends to review the “draconian points” of the labor reform that, she said, would be made through a dialogue with Congress.

Alvaro Dias

Senator Alvaro Dias was chosen by Podemos’s convention to be a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic. The candidacy of the parliamentarian from Parana was made official in Curitiba during the party’s national convention. In the first speech as a candidate, Alvaro Dias announced that, if elected, he will invite federal judge Sergio Moro to be Justice Minister, and repeated his promise to “refound the Republic.”

Henrique Meirelles

The MDB confirmed on Aug. 2 the name of former Finance Minister Henrique Meirelles as a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic. Today, the party said that Germano Rigotto, former governor of Rio Grande do Sul, will be the deputy in the plate.

Henrique Meirelles highlighted as priorities investments in infrastructure, to reduce distances in the country, as well as health and public safety. The presidential candidate also promised to strengthen the Bolsa Família. To generate jobs, Meirelles said he intends to rescue economic policy, attract investments and make reforms so that the country grows 4% a year.

Manuela D ‘Avila

State deputy Manuela D’Avila was confirmed by Communist Party (PCdoB) on August 1st as the party’s candidate for the Presidency of the Republic.

After the candidacy launched with the unanimous support of the party’s delegates, Manuela D’Avila presented banners such as the reform of public security, tax justice, the fight against large corporations and the revocation of labor reform and the constitutional amendment that established a ceiling for public spending for 20 years. She criticized “record unemployment”, the fall in payroll and the dropout rate of young people from universities and technical schools.

Guilherme Boulos

The national coordinator of the Workers Roofless Movement (MTST), Guilherme Boulos, was launched on July 21 as a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic by PSOL, at the national convention in Sao Paulo. The name of Sônia Guajajara, representative of the indigenous people, was also approved for vice president.

Boulos stressed that he will defend themes that belong to the principles of the party, such as the right to abortion and the demilitarization of the police.

Joao Amoedo

Joao Dionisio Amoedo was officially nominated for the Presidency of the Republic by the New Party during a convention in the city of Sao Paulo. Political scientist Christian Lohbauer was chosen as a candidate for vice president. Among Amoedo’s main proposals are balancing public accounts, ending the privileges of certain professional categories, improving basic education and acting strongly on security. The Chairperson also favored the revision of the Disarmament Statute.

Benevenuto Daciolo

The national convention of the Patriot officiated the candidacy of the federal deputy Benevenuto Daciolo Fonseca dos Santos. The event took place in the municipality of Barrinha, in the interior of São Paulo. The candidate was unanimously chosen. The chosen candidate for vice was Suelene Balduino Nascimento, from the same party. She is a pedagogue with 23 years of experience and works in the public school system of the Federal District.

Vera Lucia

In national convention, the PSTU officialized on July 20 the candidacy of Vera Lucia to the Presidency of the Republic and Hertz Dias as vice in the plate. The choice was made by acclamation by the party affiliates present in the block of the Sao Paulo Metro Union, in the eastern part of the city of Sao Paulo.

Jose Maria Eymael

The Christian Democratic Party (DC) confirmed on July 28, during a convention in the city of Sao Paulo, the candidacy of Jose Maria Eymael for the Presidency in the October elections, and the pastor of the Assembly of God Helvio Costa as vice president.

Lula da Silva

The national convention of the Workers Party chose, by acclamation, the name of Lula da Silva to be the candidate for the Presidency of the Republic. It has not been defined who will be the vice president in the plate of Lula. The meeting also approved the support of the PCO and PROS to the Workers Party’s candidature.

Former President Lula da Silva has been imprisoned in Curitiba since April 7th, after being convicted in the second instance in the case for corruption. Actor Sergio Mamberti read a letter written by Lula, where he stated that “they want to make a presidential election of marked cards, excluding the name that is ahead in popular preference in all searches.”