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Rosa Weber Denies Request to Close Border With Venezuela



Judge also ordered to officiate federal judge that took the reverse decision

Suprema Court’s Judge Rosa Weber denied the request made by the Roraima government to close the state’s border with Venezuela. In the decision issued later that night, the Judge still orders to officiate the judge of the 1st Federal Court of Roraima Helder Girão Barreto, who had decided in the opposite direction, in response to the request for closure made by the state government.

The lawsuit in the Supreme was filed in April by the Roraima government and the minister even held a conciliation hearing between the Union and the government of Roraima that did not work. In the ruling issued in the electronic process of the Original Civil Action 3121, Rosa Weber says that, in addition to the absence of legal requirements for issuance of an injunction, the request of the Roraima government is also contrary “to the foundations of the Federal Constitution, Brazilian laws and treaties ratified by Brazil. ”

According Rosa Weber, based on the Agreement on Border Sanitary Cooperation between the Government of the Federative Republic of Brazil and the Government of the Republic of Venezuela, “there is no way of granting the requested early protection, at the point examined.” Rosa Weber has opened a deadline in the case for Attorney General Raquel Dodge.

The judge of the 1st Federal Court of Roraima, Helder Girão Barreto, had suspended the entry of Venezuelans in Brazil by the border with Roraima, but compliance still depended on notification of the Federal Police and Federal Highway Police. According to him, “it is imperative to reject the idea that, in matters of immigration, the Union can do everything, and states and municipalities must bear everything.”

The Judge’s decision was taken even after the Federal Attorney General’s Office (AGU), the Ministry of Human Rights and the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office have declared themselves in opposition to State Decree 25.681, which determines greater rigor of public security and police forces at the border . The AGU reported today (6) that it will appeal the measure.

Rosa Weber is still rapporteur on another case that relates the government of Roraima and the immigration of Venezuelans. Over the weekend, the Federal Attorney General’s Office (AGU) filed with the STF a request for suspension of the Roraima government decree, which requires an increase in the severity of public safety and surveillance of police forces on the border with Venezuela, as well as the regulation of access to public services for eventual care of immigrants to the state.