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Trade Balance Has a Surplus of US $ 362 Million at the Beginning of August



Data were released Yesterday Aug 6th by the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services

In the first week of August 2018, which had three working days, the Brazilian trade balance recorded a surplus of US $ 362 million, resulting from exports of US $ 2,415 billion and imports of US $ 2,052 billion.

The data were released on Monday (6) by Mdic (Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services). The information is from Agência Brasil.

In the year, exports totaled US $ 138.874 billion and imports, US $ 104.476 billion, a positive balance of US $ 34.398 billion.

In the comparison of exports between the first week of August and the same period of last year, there was a fall of 4.9 percent in sales, mainly due to the reduction in trade in manufactured products (-13.9 percent) and in semi manufactured goods (-3,5 percent). Nonetheless, sales of basic products (5.7 percent) increased, driven by crude oil, manganese ore, soybeans, live cattle, leaf tobacco.

In comparison with July (July), there was a 22.6 percent drop, due to the decrease in sales of basic products (-30.1 percent, from US $ 590.0 million to US $ 412.5 million) and (-17.5 percent, from US $ 330.0 million to US $ 272.1 million), while sales of semi manufactured products increased (+ 7.1 percent, from US $ 109.4 million to US $ 117, 2 million).


In imports, the daily average of the first week of August this year (US $ 684.1 million) was 13.4 percent above the August average of last year (US $ 603.4 million), the ministry said. In this comparison, expenditures increased mainly with steelmakers (74.8 percent), organic and inorganic chemicals (39.7 percent), mechanical equipment (23.5 percent), fertilizers and fertilizers (20 percent), motor vehicles and parts (20 percent).

In comparison with July, imports fell by 19.3 percent, due to the decrease in fuels and lubricants (-29.5 percent), pharmaceuticals (-13.6 percent), tanning extracts and dyes (-13.5 percent), optical and precision instruments (-5.8 percent) and motor vehicles and parts (-5.7 percent).