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Agribusiness Invests in Professional Training in Technology and Management



Agribusiness in Brazil has a significant representation in the economy. Even with the crisis, the sector closed 2017 with Gross Domestic Product (GDP) above 20% and continues to grow. The estimate is an increase of 3.42% for this year. In addition, the area accounts for more than 30% of employability and almost 40% of exports for the country, according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

According to the zootechnician and PhD in Animal Production Evandro Rigo, coordinator of the Technology in Agribusiness Management course at Uberaba University (Uniube), the agricultural sector has been undergoing changes in the work profile and professionals in the area need to be qualified for this new trend. “The employability of the agribusiness manager will have a more significant increase after the turmoil of 2018, especially after the elections,” he says.

According to him, agents are needed to manage productive processes in the area. “Agribusiness is the vocation of Brazil, we have great possibilities of consolidation in agricultural production and livestock. We are among the largest producers of inputs in the world and we only need policies that consolidate this and the employability will accompany,” he adds.

About Uniube’s Agribusiness Management Technology program, the professor says that the professional will be able to plan, develop, create, organize, implement and manage organizations and actions, standing out in large regional, national or transnational companies. “These professionals will have a more managerial vision, focusing on the areas of leadership, entrepreneurship, with a broader view of the scope of Brazilian agribusiness with its insertion in the internationalization of processes,” he explains.

Success in the market – Former student of Uniube’s Technology in Agribusiness Management, Thiago Afonso, works as an agro-industrial financial planning analyst at Raízen, one of the world’s leading energy companies with around 30,000 employees and more than R$ 85 billion in assets. There are 860 thousand hectares of cultivated agricultural area, 98% of mechanized harvest, 26 units of sugar production, ethanol, bioenergy and milling of 73 million tons of sugarcane.

Regarding agribusiness, the analyst reinforces that Brazil is the world’s breadbasket. “It is a follow-up that is in a growing technological evolution, in search of high productivity, low costs to remain competitive on the world stage. We are the main players in the animal protein chain, one of the largest producers and exporters of soybeans, one of the largest producers and exporters of sugar and we own one of the largest cattle herds in the world.”

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), by 2050, the world will have about 9 billion people. According to the former student, to meet this demand, we must be more efficient in the use of natural resources and application of technology and investments. “We will have to double current food production by 60%, energy by 50% and water by 40%. Therefore, the manager of agribusiness will have a fundamental role for building the agroindustry in a sustainable way, with increased vertical productivity,” he points out.

Thiago also reinforces the indication for those who have an interest in the area and management profile. It also leaves the tip for future agribusiness professionals. “Be the protagonist of your own story and do not wait for the others. Focus, positive thoughts and believe in yourself. Try to do the best in everything, even if the condition seems unfavorable, and always have the humility to recognize people, recognize their own qualities and their own mistakes. Watch, learn, err, learn again and ‘get the boot’, “he says.