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Auction of Wind Power May Contracting 1.5 GW, Says Association



Technology breakthrough has cut the sector’s costs by around 30%
Published 08/08/2018 – 07:39 By Cristina Índio do Brasil – Agência Brasil Rio de Janeiro Agency reporter
Marked for the 31st, the next auction of wind energy is expected to contract 1.5GW, which will be available for consumption in 2024. It is practically the same amount contracted in 2017, according to the president of the Brazilian Wind Energy Association (ABEEólica ), Elbia Gannoum.

“The expectation is to contract more or less what was contracted last year, maintaining some stability, despite the economic crisis. And for next year we are waiting for the resumption of economic growth and more hiring, “said Elbia.

From 2017 so far, the industry has increased 2 GW in the system and maintained the growth rate around 22 percent. “Competitive auction, with a stable contract of 20 years. This is what attracts investments. Of course, in the case of wind, as a renewable source, other countries are watching this movement and investors as well. ”


With the advancement of technology, the costs of the sector have fallen by 30% in the last five years, the association president said. “You have a very high productivity gain and a cost reduction. Today is the second source of cheaper energy in Brazil, Chi Ca cheaper because they consider [the plant’s productivity] Belo Monte and compare with the auction price, wind is the cheapest in the country. ”

The consumer also gains from this move, according to Elbia, because 10% of the light tariff comes from wind energy and, as it expands, the advance occurs and there is a kind of “tariff mix”, leading to the possibility of reducing costs.

Elbia Gannoum participated in the 9th edition of Brazil Windpower, at the SulAmérica Convention Center in Cidade Nova, central region of Rio de Janeiro . The meeting is held by ABEEólica, the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), which operates in the opening of wind energy markets around the world, and by the CanalEnergia Group.


GWEC Secretary-General Steve Sawyer said that the auctions in Brazil became a benchmark. “You have really set the standard that has revolutionized the way in which renewables are bought worldwide, certainly in the last five years,” he said.

Sawyer said that he travels the world “remembering that this system was invented in Brazil”. He added that the model currently leads the industry linked to the sector in Latin America. “There’s so much to be proud of.”


According to Elbia Gannoum, with the advancement of technology there are prospects for expanding the 520 wind farms, since 80 percent of them are in the Northeast. On average last year, 7.4% of all generation injected into the National Interconnected System came from wind power that came to supply more than 10% of the country in August and September – months that are part of the so-called “wind harvest season” “.

In 2010, the installed capacity of the wind energy source was 1 GW and reached 13.4 GW in more than 500 wind farms, and by 2022 it should be at least 17.6 GW. In the supply, it surpassed 70% in the Northeast and reached around 14% in Brazil.

With positive results, the World Installed Capacity Rating of Wind Energy, prepared by the Global Wind Energy Council, indicated that the country left 15th place in 2012 to 8th place in 2017.

In wind power generation capacity in Brazil, according to the most recent data from the Electric Energy Trading Chamber (CCEE), there was an increase of 24.1% compared to the same period in 2017.

By the Abeeolica calculations, in 2017 the sector invested $ 3.57 billion. Applications between 2010 and last year totaled $ 32 billion.