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Senate Wants To Vote on Energy Projects After Elections And Could Prevent The Auction on Aug 30



President of the Senate, Eunício Oliveira (MDB-CE), said on Tuesday (7) that the House will not vote this week on the bill that makes the sale of Eletrobras distributors (PLC 77/2018), nor the bill which allows for the auctioning of excess oil from the Onerous Assignment (PLC 78/2018).

According to Eunicio, after the first round of elections, on October 7, there will be a more propitious environment in Congress for the vote on “controversial issues.”

This decision by the Senate could prevent the auction of distributors, scheduled for August 30, and also the bidding for surpluses of the Onerous Assignment, which the government intended to do at the end of November.

The hope of the Ministry of Mines and Energy became a negotiation for the vote on the priority projects next week, when there would be a new stage of the effort concentrated in the Congress.

But President Michel Temer will travel to Paraguay for the inauguration of Mario Benítez in the presidency of the neighboring country on August 15, and this will force the presidents of the Chamber and Senate to leave the country, at the risk of ineligible for holding the presidency on an interim basis.

“I wanted to do a new week of concentrated effort on the 15th, but President Michel Temer informed me today that he is going to travel again. In that case, both I and Rodrigo Maia [president of the Chamber] need to leave the country in order not to run out of elections. Then I changed the calendar to the end of the month: on days 28, 29 and 30, “said Eunice.

A senator told, on condition of not being identified, that there is a link so that the privatization of energy companies only happens after the elections. For the senator, the fact that the regime of designation of companies had already been extended until December 31 would make things easier.

“In October I would approve the project, and the auction would be better to happen after that. And there is the deadline until the end of the year for this to occur, without affecting the electoral process, “said the senator.

President of the Senate said yesterday that after Oct. 7 there will still be an extended deadline for legislative work: “We have almost 90 days after the elections to vote matters. The Congress will work until December 17 or 20. “