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Companies Invest in Wind and Solar Projects to Escape the High Light Bill



Affordable technology helps companies meet their own electricity demand

The Brazilian potential for wind and solar energy generation does not only interest investors. Many consumers – individuals and businesses – seek out these modes to generate their own energy and escape the frequent increases in the light bill.

In the telephony area, Oi will invest R $ 30 million in the construction of two solar power plants in Minas Gerais. Between 2015 and 2017, the share of clean energy in the company’s own consumption rose from 15.8% to 22.4%. For next year, tele plans to invest in wind energy.

Claro goes in the same direction: it wants to generate 80% of the energy it consumes. It already invests in solar energy and plans to build another 20 solar plants and four wind farms. The goal is to reduce expenses by 30%.

The potential in this segment is great. According to the president of the Brazilian Wind Energy Association, Elbia Gannoum, this source will be the second largest in the country in 2019, behind the hydroelectric plant. The Brazilian wind power potential is estimated at 500 gigawatts (GW), triple the installed capacity today.

– The industry has attracted many investors. The next energy auction, which will be held later this month, is to generate 1 GW. And we already have wind projects in the dispute that add up to 27 GW – emphasizes Elbia.

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With an eye on the numbers, Enersud has developed its own technology to enable the installation of smaller wind turbines for consumers to generate their own energy. However, we must be aware of the incidence of winds, which need to have a speed of 30 kilometers per hour.

Own generation is already a reality in solar energy, which represents 23% of the total generated in Brazil. One example is that of the manufacturer of cleaning products Limppano. The company invests R $ 150 thousand in the acquisition of solar panels to light and also to heat the water of its factory in Queimados, in the Baixada Fluminense.

And just like wind, solar has room to grow. Brazil has potential of 28,500 GW, but only exploits 1.3 GW.