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Brazil and US share ‘concern’ about crisis in Venezuela



Brazil and the United States on Monday shared their “concern” about the “difficult” situation in Venezuela and analyzed the use of the Alcântara satellite launch base in Maranhão during the visit of US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to Brasília.

In the first stage of a trip that will take him to Argentina, Chile and Colombia, Mattis met in Brasilia with Foreign Minister Aloysio Nunes and Defense Minister General Joaquim Silva and Luna.

Venezuela, which is facing a serious economic crisis and international isolation due to the repression of dissidents, was one of the highlights of the bilateral discussions.

“There was also a topic regarding the concern we have about helping Venezuela, which is in a difficult situation and is a country on our border, General Silva and Luna revealed at the end of the meeting.

“The US position in this regard is very prudent: it believes that the solution must be led by Brazil and always asks how it can help,” the general said.

Mattis, the secretary of defense since the beginning of Donald Trump’s administration in 2017, has not given any statements to the press.

According to the Pentagon, the meeting addressed “a broad spectrum of defense issues,” and agreed to “further strengthen the strategic partnership” between the two countries.

Mattis also thanked Brazil’s “global leadership” for cooperation.

Silva and Luna added that the meeting discussed the use of the Alcântara satellite launch base by the United States, and that the minister was in favor of the two countries signing an agreement “as soon as possible”, after being resolved the issue of legal and technological safeguards to protect US intellectual property and Brazilian sovereignty.

On Tuesday, Mattis will speak at the War College and visit the national monument to members of the Armed Forces killed in World War II.