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Parties Received R$ 1.3 Billion to Finance Electoral Campaign



The table with the distribution of quotas is available on the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) Internet portal

In order to receive the funds from the fund, the parties must formalize the request in the TSE and send the minutes of the meeting of the national directory that defined the distribution parameters of the budget. Among the criteria, it is mandatory to allocate 30% of the total to fund the campaigns of the candidates of each party. Campaign Financing Special Fund (FEFC) was created last year as part of the political reform approved by the National Congress. The resources are provided for in the General Budget of the Union and are the main source of funding for the election campaigns, after the prohibition of corporate donations.

Of the R$ 1.7 billion of the Campaign Financing Special Fund (FEFC), the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) ordered to pay about R $ 1.3 billion for 22 of the 35 political parties that are entitled to the resources. According to the court, DEM, Advance, PRB, Pros, PSC, PTC, MDB, Patri, PHS, PMN, Can, PPS, PR, PRP, PRTB, PSD, PSDB, PSL, PSOL, PV and SD have received the budget to fund the election campaign. More than 12 subtitles – PSTU, PDT, PMB, PP, PTB, Network, PCB, PCdoB, DC, PCO, PPL and PSB – have had the process approved, and the TSE must issue payment orders in the next few days. The Novo party has not yet indicated to the TSE the distribution criteria of the fund to receive its quota.

Novo Party has already declared against the application of public resources in the financing of the parties and of the electoral campaigns. “The New is maintained by its affiliates and donors, not by taxes, paid by the citizen,” says the party, which has 19,026 members, according to data available on the TSE portal. The caption is entitled to R $ 980,691.10 from the Special for Campaign Financing Fund. According to the TSE, if the New does not request its share of the fund, the amount will be returned to the National Treasury by the end of this year.