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ABPA Celebrates the Day of the Poultry Farmers

Francisco Turra


Brazilian Animal Protein Association – ABPA is pleased to celebrate today, August 28, the Day of the farmer, the professional responsible for poultry, for handling, feeding and health of farms ie the base of the production chain of poultry meat and eggs in the country.

According to Francisco Turra, president of ABPA, the work of the Brazilian farmer goes far beyond the farms. “The farmer is, above all, an entrepreneur. His work goes beyond the boundaries of their lands for being one of the main guarantors of food security in Brazil, “said Turra.

The science associated with the technology applied in the Brazilian poultry model is global benchmark in quality, health status, sustainability and productivity. “The perfect partnership between our integrated producers and agribusinesses put the productive chain of Brazilian poultry among the most advanced and efficient in the world,” emphasizes Turra

world export leader and second largest producer in the world, Brazil will export this year 4.2 million tons and produce around 13 million tons of chicken meat. For the egg sector, a surprise, Brazilians are consuming more eggs. The per capita consumption estimated for this year is 212 units, against 192 units in 2017.

“The farmer in this context plays a decisive role, producing the highest quality proteins, which puts the country among the largest international producers of poultry and eggs, as well as world leader in exports of chicken meat. Are features that help turn the economy of small municipalities in the various regions of Brazil. “, Says the president of the association.

The poultry industry is now one of the development of the countryside engines, accounting for 3.5 million direct and indirect jobs and feed hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

For this and many other reasons that August 28 is a day to be celebrated throughout the agribusiness. Happy day of the farmer!