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Begins the Countdown To the Biggest Event of Poultry and Pig Farming



Lack one years for the International Exhibition of Poultry and Swine (SIAVS), the largest event of the sector in Brazil, scheduled between 27 and 29 August 2019, at Parque Anhembi, in Sao Paulo (SP ).

Initiative of the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA), the SIAVS has more than 90% of its commercial area of the sold event. The fair space has been expanded by 30% compared to the 2017 edition.

Among the companies that have reserved space at the event are producing and exporting agro-industries, genetic houses, equipment companies, laboratories, nutrition, certification, logistics and other links in the industry.

Besides being one of the major business opportunities for members of the productive sector, the SIAVS is a major developer of technical and cyclical development of poultry and swine.   For this, the organizers are planning a qualitative program with the participation of speakers from Brazil and several other countries.   The SIAVS also counts with a number of free attractions parallel.

“Faced with the undeniable success of 2017, the 2019 SIAVS want to go further and offer even more attractions, focused on innovation and building new opportunities for the productive sector,” said Francisco Turra, president of ABPA.

Last year, over 15,000 visitors from 51 countries attended the SIAVS.   Around 1.7 thousand participants took part in one of the largest programs of Brazilian agribusiness lectures, with more than 100 speakers and panelists.

The Producer Project, exclusive initiative of SIAVS facing the poultry and pig farmers, attracted 1 400 producers at Anhembi Park.

About 150 companies exhibited their products and solutions at the largest fair in poultry and pig farming in Brazil.   In all, 31 agribusinesses exporting poultry, eggs and pigs attended the event, participating in meetings with importers, the domestic buyers and suppliers.

Learn more at site www.siavs.com.br .