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Deficit – Brazil Will Collapse In Another 2 or 3 Years If the Situation Continues, Says Alckmin



Brazil will collapse if it registers a primary deficit for another two or three years, the PSDB candidate for the presidency, Geraldo Alckmin, said of the public accounts, which he pointed out as necessary to avoid bankruptcy of the country.

In an interview with CBN radio, the candidate also defended the recovery of confidence for Brazil to grow again, and pointed to the economic recovery as essential to rebalance the public accounts.


“Brazil is going through a generalized fiscal crisis, and I think Brazilian society needs to be aware of that,” Alckmin said in the interview.

“We are going to zero the public deficit, even out of necessity, because if you have another two, three, four years of primary deficit, it is clear that it will collapse,” he added.

The governor, who ruled the state of Sao Paulo for four terms, leaving office in April of this year to run for the presidency, recalled that Sao Paulo registered a primary surplus under its management, while acknowledging that the pace of solo works was reduced because of the crisis.

“Most states are not able to pay their salaries. Sao Paulo has all, all, all bills up and is investing,” said Alckmin, who acknowledged delays in works such as stations and lines in the São Paulo subway.

“Why does not the city ‘x’ pay no salary?” The Rio state government does not pay 13th, because it has no money, how does the federal government, which is in the worst situation of all, pay? The law allows him to make a deficit, which does not allow states and municipalities. ”

Alckmin has once again promised to carry out reforms such as Social Security, politics and tax reform in the first six months of his term if he wins the October election.


In the interview, Alckmin, who is also president of the PSDB, was asked about the scandals involving party leaders, especially his predecessor in charge of the legend, Senator Aecio Neves, who this year will seek a seat of federal deputy for Minas Gerais after being involved in the award-winning JBS affair.

Alckmin denied that Aecio Neves had departed and subsequently left the party’s command of his own free will, and said he would not campaign with the coreligionist in Minas.

“In reality, if it depended on Aecio Neves, he was still in the presidency of the party until today.” It was obvious that there was a huge pressure for him to leave. what had to be done, “he said.