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Bolsonaro Evolves Well After Emergency Surgery But Returns to ICU

Procedure, performed after the identification of an obstruction in the intestine, lasted about two hours and was successful. The candidate has been hospitalized since being attacked a week ago



Presidency candidate Jair Bolsonaro underwent emergency surgery on Wednesday night, in São Paulo. The intervention, performed after the detection of an adhesion blocking the small intestine, lasted about two hours and was successful. According to a medical report released on Thursday morning by the Albert Einstein hospital, where he is hospitalized, Bolsonaro “evolved well after surgery, without complications,” but returned to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at dawn, where accompanied by his wife, Michelle, and son Carlos.

Bolsonaro, the target of a stab that crossed several organslast Thursday, had been progressing well until, on Wednesday, it had worsened, with the oral suspension of food that had been started. “During the day yesterday the patient presented with progressive abdominal distension suggesting the diagnosis of intestinal obstruction. This diagnosis was confirmed by computed tomography during the afternoon,” the report said. In the surgery, the doctors released the obstruction points and found an extravasation of intestinal secretion from the point of obstruction in one of the previously performed sutures. “In major abdominal traumas this complication is more frequent than in scheduled surgeries. Abdominal cleaning was performed as routinely,” the statement said.

During the procedure, his son Flávio Bolsonaro said through his Twitter account that his father’s condition was still serious and asked for prayers. Afterwards, Flávio re-posed: “The emergency surgery ended well, thank God! My father is paying a very high price for wanting to rescue Brazil, he is literally giving his blood.”

According to the campaign team, the acts will be maintained even with the Bolsonaro worsening. Coroners will continue to take on the commitments that were already scheduled and Flávio will continue to lead the campaign in Rio de Janeiro. The president of the PSL in São Paulo, Major Olímpio, said that it was planned to record a video daily with the candidate, but that this strategy will be postponed until he is better and without pain.

The leader of the poll’s intention to vote for the presidency , which has between 24% and 26% of voters’ preference, was attacked while walking in the streets of Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, on Thursday, 6, causing a dramatic turn in the Brazilian presidential campaign. The attacker, Adélio Bispo de Oliveira, 40, was arrested shortly afterwards and is now in a federal prison.

After the attack, Bolsonaro was treated first in Santa Casa de Juiz de Fora, where he arrived in shock, with very low blood pressure, 7 by 4, and hemorrhage. The first identified by the doctors was that the small and large intestines had been affected by the knife. “She took a mesenteric vein. The first thing we did was to stop the internal hemorrhage, which was the most serious, “explained Eunice Dantas, the medical and technical director of the Santa Casa. “He could have died, it was very serious.” After the first attention in Juiz de Fora, by SUS public, the family decided to transfer him to Einstein, in São Paulo, one of the most reputed private hospitals in the country.

The attack forces Bolsonaro to leave the street campaign and the appearances in debates and interviews in the TV – it is not yet known how much time, but only 25 days for the first shift, on October 7. For the time being, the campaign remains active in the social networks, comfort zone and strong point of the candidate. Defiantly, the candidate let himself be photographed by his son on the hospital bed, making his hands as a gesture of goodwill.