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In the First Live Broadcast of the Hospital, Bolsonaro Criticizes the PT and Speaks in Elections Fraud

From the bed in the hospital where he is hospitalized, candidate for the Presidency of the Republic used Facebook to make a live broadcast



For the first time after the attack he suffered Presidential candidate, Jair Bolsonaro, spoke live on Sunday in a transmission via Facebook.

Presidential candidate stabbed him in the abdomen last Friday during a campaign in Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais and has since posted messages and photos on his networks. Bolsonaro underwent two surgeries and remains hospitalized at the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo.

On the afternoon of Sunday, the medical bulletin reported that he remains stable .  On social networks, the candidate wrote that he had permission from the hospital’s medical staff to make the live broadcast, which he began with a choked voice as he thanked the supports he received after the attack.

From the bed of the hospital’s semi-intensive therapy unit, Bolsonaro said that the possibility of losing the election in the fraud to Workers Party candidate Fernando Haddad is concrete.

For the candidate, the possibility of fraud is in the voting in an electronic ballot box. Author of a proposed amendment to the Constitution (PEC) approved by Congress that provides for the printing of a receipt of the vote, Bolsonaro lamented the decision of the Supreme Federal Court, of June of this year, that overturned the printed vote . Workers Party has discovered the path to power, electronic voting, he said.

According to him, if elected, Haddad will sign the same minute of the inauguration the pardon for Lula da Silva — whom he called the prisoner who is there in Curitiba — and will appoint the former president of the Civil House.

“The Biggest concern is not to lose the vote, to lose in the fraud. So that possibility of fraud in the second round, maybe even the first, is concrete, he said.

According to Bolsonaro, what is at stake at the moment is the future of all of you who are thereEven you who support the Workers Party, you are a human being too. I see a lot of Workers Party people changing sides, he said.

He said he expects to be home in a week and talking every night during free election time with you.