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Donald Trump criticizes trade relations with Brazil



US President says Brazil treats US companies unfairly and says country is ‘among the toughest in the world’

US President Donald Trump said on Monday that Brazil treats US companies unfairly .

“It’s a beauty, they charge us what they want,” Trump said at a news conference announcing the new North American free trade agreement, the USMCA.

“If you ask some companies, they say that Brazil is among the hardest in the world, maybe the hardest. And we do not call them and say, ‘Hey, you’re treating our companies unfairly, treating our country unfairly.’

The phrase was a response to a question about the United States’ trade relations with India, which charges fees deemed high by Trump for US products.

This was the first time that the Republican tycoon has publicly referred to trade relations with Brazil since the announcement of the foreign aluminum and steel taxation by the United States in June.

The Brazilian government attempted to negotiate inclusion in a list of countries exempt from collection, but was unsuccessful.

The measure seeks to preserve the US industry from competition considered disloyal by the government.