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A Message to Teachers


Ronaldo Mota – Member of the Board of the Presidency of ABMES; Chancellor of the Estácio Group

Educating involves more than imparting knowledge. Education opens the door for every learner to enjoy to the fullest the potentialities we all have: intelligence, understanding and wisdom.

Of all the species, we are the only one that has the incredible ability to transmit culture and knowledge in an organized and conscious way to our descendants. The most diverse teachings, techniques and procedures were and are transmitted by the masters to their apprentices, who, after learning rituals, become better prepared professionals and citizens.

And so it has been through the ages. Nowadays we face great challenges, especially because of the abrupt emergence of digital technologies that change and transform everything. To educate, more than ever, is to emancipate the student to be able to face unsolved problems.

At the same time, to educate is to promote independent learning throughout life, understanding that each learner learns in a unique and personalized way and that everyone learns, anywhere and all the time. To educate is also to understand the other and to do something from it, learning to work in team in a cooperative and solidarity way.

As educators we have the possibility of contributing to the emancipation of the learner, mastering the art of learning to learn continuously, generating the conditions for a sustainable economic, social and environmental development.

Dear teachers, congratulations!
Let’s celebrate, deservedly, our Teacher’s Day.

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