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General Heleno: Bolsonaro Not Going To Debates Because of Threat of ‘Terrorist Attack’

Military explained that threats of 'criminal organization' were proven in 'messages and wiretaps'



Reserve general Augusto Heleno said that candidate for the presidency of the Republic Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) is not going to the debates with Fernando Haddad (PT) for being under threat of a terrorist attack. The statement was released on Thursday in video that the general, one of the members of the federal deputy’s campaign coordination, gives explanations about the strategies in the final stretch of the elections.

Jair Bolsonaro was stabbed in the abdomen while campaigning on the streets of Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, on September 6. Since then the presidential candidate underwent two emergency surgeries and no longer participated in debates.

“Even with the recommendation that every time he left the house, he would search around his house and never go out on time. So attending the debate, that many people are linking to a fear of going out or arguing with Haddad, is not about that. He’s really threatened, “explained the general in shared video on social networks.

According to Augusto Heleno, the plot of a terrorist attack has been proven by messages and wiretaps and is authored by a criminal organization.

“And it’s not just a sniper shot. It is a terrorist attack, where there is a criminal organization, which I will not mention the name for obvious reasons, involved. It is proven by messages and wiretaps. This is absolutely true. His exit at any scheduled time is problematic, “he said.

Strengthening security

Bolsonaro’s campaign has strengthened security at the West’s presidential home with military equipment, such as a camouflage network used in the woods outside the residence, where the presidential candidate grants interviews and receives supporters . A military police officer who does security at the candidate’s property said that the screen, which simulates green and brown foliage, serves to reduce the visual field of what is happening in the area of ​​the property.

The backyard of the presidential is enclosed by a hedge, formed by trees, and has no walls. The backs lead to an inner street of the high-end condominium on Barra da Tijuca Beach, West Zone of Rio. In meetings and interviews, Bolsonaro has been guided to remain behind the camouflage, without circulating through the discovered area of ​​the house, a land where would be more exposed.

PSL President Gustavo Bebianno said the campaign received intelligence reports recommending reinforcing security in the final stretch of the campaign but did not detail threats. The escort went from 25 to 30 agents of the Federal Police. During the campaign, Bolsonaro came to wear a bulletproof vest, but did not wear the equipment when he stabbed Minas Gerais.