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Future President Bolsonaro Holds Working Meeting in Rio to Define Transition

The expectation is that the members of the so-called “hard core”, who are the closest advisers to Bolsonaro, participate.



President-elect Jair Bolsonaro is due to make the first working meeting with closest allies today to define the directions of the transitional government. Federal Deputy Onyx Lorenzoni, confirmed to the Civil House, will present the data collected during meetings in Brasilia with the Chief of Staff, Eliseu Padilha, who coordinates the transition team of the government Michel Temer.

Onyx himself confirmed the meeting. The initial prediction was that Bolsonaro would travel to Brasilia today. But yesterday Oct. 29th the president-elect said he will go to the capital next week and that the “first person” he wants to meet is Temer.

At today’s meeting in Rio de Janeiro, the expectation is that the members of the so-called “hard core”, who are the closest advisers to Bolsonaro, participate. In addition to Onyx, there should be present the general of the reserve Augusto Heleno, confirmed for the Defense, the economist Paulo Guedes, who must take over the Ministry of Finance (or Economy, if there is a merger with another folder), and the PSL national president, Gustavo Bebianno.

In an interview yesterday with TV Record, Bolsonaro said that the data on the federal administrative machine, especially regarding the number of employees and expenses, are “shocking”. He reiterated that he intends to privatize or extinguish some companies, but that will not harm public officials. He also said his intention is to reduce the number of ministries. Previously, he said he would like to decrease from 29 to 15.


Minister Padilha said he will talk tomorrow with Onyx, when he hopes to receive the first names of the transition team of the new government. The team must gather up to 50 names of people who will work in an environment organized exclusively for this moment, which is the Cultural Center of the Bank of Brazil (CCBB) in Brasilia.

These 50 people will be nominated for Special Transitional Government Positions. These positions may be filled as of this Tuesday (30) and must remain vacant until January 10, according to legal provision.

The specially appointed team will receive salaries ranging from R$2,585.13 to R$16,581.49. There are eight different positions, indicating Bolsonaro. Twenty-five of these nominees will receive R$9,926.60 and ten will have a salary of R$13,036.74. They are the two positions with the largest number of occupants. The position of coordinator is the highest salary, but if Onyx Lorenzoni is indicated, he can not receive the compensation, since he already receives as a federal deputy and can not accumulate both functions.

Yesterday, Bolsonaro said that the transition will take place “in tranquility” and thanked Temer for his support in this period. Padilha, for his part, said that Temer thinks the same way.

“The intention of President Michel Temer is to make a transition with the greatest possible transparency, offering all the information that is available in the government and requested, so that we have, right away, Brazil walking.”