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China: If Bolsonaro Acts Like Trump, Who Will Suffer Will Be the Economy of Brazil


In a state-run newspaper, the country has positioned itself on the president-elect and has pleaded unfriendly to Beijing

Chinese government has issued a harsh warning to President-elect Jair Bolsonaro in an editorial published in the country’s main state newspaper, China Daily. In the text, Asians warn that if Brazil’s option in 2019 is to follow Donald Trump’s line and break agreements with Beijing, the Brazilian economy will suffer.

According to the publication, Brazilian exports not only helped fuel China’s rapid growth. But they also supported Brazil’s strong growth.  For the Chinese, therefore, criticizing Beijing may serve some specific political purpose. But the economic cost can be hard for the Brazilian economy, which has just come out of its worst recession in history.

In addition to criticizing the Asian country during its campaign, Bolsonaro visited Taiwan, a Chinese state that struggles for autonomy in February. The attitude left Beijing angry and the embassy, ​​aware that the then PSL candidate was a strong contender for the presidency, sent a protest letter. In it, he expressed his deep concern and indignation and warned that the visit was an affront to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China and causes possible turmoil in the China-Brazil Global Strategic Partnership, in which partisan exchange plays an indispensable role .

For the Chinese, although Bolsonaro imitated the US president by being vocal and outrageous to capture the voters’ imagination, there is no reason for him to copy Trump’s policies, they warned. The newspaper admits there are speculations about the future of relations between the two countries.