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Senators Confirm New Brazil Ambassador to Panama



With 40 votes in favor, no contrary and one abstention, the senators approved in plenary on Tuesday (30) the nomination of the diplomat Glivânia Maria de Oliveira to exercise the position of ambassador of Brazil in the Republic of Panama.

Glivânia Maria de Oliveira was born in 1962, in Monte Carmelo (MG). She has held positions in Warsaw (Poland), London (England), UN, Asuncion (Paraguay) and Boston in the United States.

Panama occupies the southern tip of the Central American isthmus, linking it to South America. This geographic feature shapes the country’s economic structure, which is based on the revenues of the Panama Canal and the rapid development of Tocumen Airport as hub of connections for regional flights.

Economic growth
The country has an area of ​​74,340 km² and a population of 4.2 million inhabitants. Its capital is Panama City. The official language is Spanish, with English as a second language.

The Human Development Index (HDI), according to UNDP 2017, is 0.780, making Panama occupy the 60th position among 188 countries. Life expectancy is 77.6 years and the Literacy Index is 94.1%.

The country has been notable for its rapid economic growth, based on an open economy model, and for investment in infrastructure, such as the construction of the new set of locks in the Panama Canal.

The Panamanian economy is concentrated on the services sector, responsible for 80% of GDP, with emphasis on the maritime and air transportation, banking, tourism, communications and commerce segments. Although the Panamanian economy remains the fastest growing economy in the region, rising public debt and unemployment are worrying local authorities.

As for foreign trade, it is an importing country of consumer goods, with little production of its own. The financial balance is maintained by the income of the canal and the port system, which, in addition to costing consumption, is reverted in public investment and financial-banking irrigation.

Relations with Brazil
The importance that Panama has acquired as a dynamic economy and a logistical base for trade and services justifies Brazil’s commitment to consolidating ties between the two countries.

In 2017, trade between Brazil and Panama totaled US $643 million, a result 102.8% higher than that registered in 2016 (US $317.1 million). Brazilian exports totaled US $633 million, equivalent to 98.4% of total trade.

Brazilian exports to Panama consist mainly of manufactured goods, which are also responsible for most of the imports from Panama.

The main Brazilian exports are oil, machinery and equipment, seeds, fuels and lubricants for aircraft and aluminum plates. The main imports are aluminum waste, frozen fish, digital memories and electronic equipment.

According to the Itamaraty, the Brazilian community living in Panama is estimated at 2 thousand people.