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Eduardo Botelho Barbosa Approval Statement to the Brazilian Embassy in Serbia


By a vote of 38 votes, two votes against and one abstention, the Plenary approved on Wednesday (31) the nomination of diplomat Eduardo Botelho Barbosa as Brazil’s ambassador to Serbia and Montenegro. The approval shall be communicated to the Presidency of the Republic.

Eduardo Botelho Barbosa has played important roles throughout his career. Among them, those of diplomatic adviser of the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (1988); adviser and head of the Personnel Payments and Benefits Division (1997); Deputy Consul General at Toronto Consulate General (1998); counselor and minister at the London embassy (2001); Minister-Counselor and Chargé d’Affaires at the Embassy in Moscow (2005); Special adviser to the Minister of Health (2007); and ambassador in Algiers (2013).

The diplomat was also decorated as Officer of the Condor de los Andes Order of Bolivia in 1988 and as Grand Officer of the Rio Branco Order of Brazil in 2010. The indication is reported by Senator Ana Amélia.

About Serbia.

Republic of Serbia is a European country located in the Balkans and Pannonia, whose capital is Belgrade. It borders Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary. Its population is estimated at more than 7 million inhabitants, and it allocates different religions such as Christianity (80.5%), agnosticism (9.7%) and Islam (7%). The official language is Serbian. The country is a parliamentary republic. Currently, the country is an official candidate for membership of the European Union (EU).