Home Administration Judge Moro Accepts Invitation from Bolsonaro to Ministry of Justice

Judge Moro Accepts Invitation from Bolsonaro to Ministry of Justice


Judge Sergio Moro has accepted an invitation from President-elect Jair Bolsonaro to take over the Justice Ministry under his administration, a source familiar with the judge’s decision said on Thursday.

Chief of the Lava Jato operation, Moro met this morning with the president-elect at Bolsonaro‘s home in Rio de Janeiro to discuss the offer made by the future chief executive. The judge left the premises without speaking to the press.

Statement Judge Sérgio Moro

I was invited by the President-elect to be appointed Minister of Justice and Public Security in the next administration. After a personal meeting in which polices were discussed for the portfolio, I accepted the honored invitation. I did it with some regret because I will have to leave 22 years of magistracy. However, the prospect of implementing a strong anti-corruption and organized anti corruption agenda, with respect to the Constitution, law and rights, led me to make this decision. In practice, it means consolidating advances against crime and corruption in recent years and avoiding risks of setbacks for a greater good. Operation Lava Jato had been in Curitiba with the valiant local judges. In any case, in order to avoid unnecessary controversy, I must, at the very least, depart from new audiences. Next week, I will give a press conference in more detail.

Curitiba, November 1, 2018.

Sergio Fernando Moro