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New Electric Industry Tries To Legislative Solution For Debs


The electricity sector tried on Tuesday Oct. 30th catch on again in the legislature a solution to the debt of the GSF (hydrological risk), via amendment proposed by Senator Wilder Morais, the bill of Senator Ronaldo Caiado. The Caiado project provides fine to be paid to users of electric service, and processed in a terminating character in Senate Infrastructure Committee (CI).

Senator Fernando Bezerra yesterday asked the committee chairman, Eduardo Braga, to pattern design in extraordinary session today Oct. 31st. Bezerra is the rapporteur of the PLS 209 in IC and accepted the amendment to the GSF project on Tuesday.

The text of the amendment made by Senator Wilder Morais provides for an extension of the terms of the concessions of plants to shoot down the debt of the GSF in the same terms of what was presented in the bill that dealt with the distributors of Eletrobras (PLC — rejected by the House on 16 October.

Braga: “Who rules the commission is the president”
But Senator Braga, who chairs the CI told the agency Infra yesterday you do not want guided the project in special session today, scheduled for the Sabbath of directors of the newly formed mining agency.

“Who sends the agenda of the commission’s president, is not it? Then we’ll make the Sabbath, and we have on the agenda the projects that were already there, excluded those who had ordered of view. Otherwise, you will not get extra matter on the agenda. And this matter is not on the agenda,” said Braga.

For the senator, the legal GSF question already exists, and is the MP (provisional measure) 688, 2015, the processing of new project at home is necessary. “It is resolved from a legal point of view, what you need is to solve the regulatory point of view, ie ANEEL regulating this matter,” the senator said.

Senator argues that the MP 688 (converted into Law 13,203 / 15), which dealt with an alternative to the GSF in the regulated environment, provides the legal tools necessary to also solve the free market: “The GSF is one, but at that time ANEEL‘s board decided to regulate only the regulated market, and excluded the free market,” the senator said.

“Therefore, ANEEL has the instruments to the free market and is solved. It is much faster and more effective than sending a bill that will come to the floor of the Senate, will have to be voted here and then have to transact in the committees of the House, and then be approved on the House floor. And in two weeks ANEEL decides!” Said Braga.

Pepitone: “ANEEL has all the conditions”
Director-General of ANELL, Andre Pepitone, the agency has all the conditions, within the law 13,203 / 15, to address the issue: “We have already held a meeting with the agents and will have a new on 5 November. Here we have the conviction that we will find the solution at the administrative level for the GSF,” said Pepitone infra.

Agents, “a law is necessary for the last three years”
But the agents who negotiated amendments to the GSF together parliamentarians say the MP 688 solved the problem by the year 2015. After that, a new liability was formed, and currently reaches R $9 billion. “For these last three years it takes a new law, which essentially deals with the extension of the concessions as compensation,” said a source. “The ANEEL initiative shows good will, but unfortunately it is unsatisfactory,” said another industry source.