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With Moro’s Departure, Judge Gabriela Hardt Takes Over Car Wash Judicial Process



With the departure of Sergio Moro from the 13th Federal Court of Curitiba, Judge Gabriela Hardt takes over, at this moment, the Operation Car Wash.

She had been working in situations where the head magistrate was absent. She was the judge who ordered the arrest of former Civil Affairs Minister José Dirceu in May of this year. In addition to the cases, the judge will be provisionally also in charge of all cases under the responsibility of Moro, which should not be redistributed, remaining in the 13th Federal Court.

Sérgio Moro today accepted (1) the invitation of President-elect Jair Bolsonaro to take over the Ministry of Justice .


Upon the exoneration of Moro, the vacancy of an open holder shall be offered by means of a removal notice, which may be attended by any interested federal judge not only in Paraná, but also in Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul The three states are under the supervision of the Federal Regional Court of the 4th Region (TRF4), headquartered in Porto Alegre.

The preference for the vacancy is given by the criterion of seniority. The TRF4 currently has 233 federal judges, of whom eight entered in 1994, being the oldest and therefore preferable if they are interested in taking over Car Wash.

The choice of the new holder of the 13th Vara is made by the Board of Directors of TRF4, after analyzing the candidates. If no holder is interested in the position, it is offered as a promotion to some of the federal substitute judges who work in the South, again with preference to the oldest. In this case, it is the TRF4 plenary that chooses the candidate.

Moro has already announced his immediate departure from the activities as a judge, “to avoid unnecessary controversy,” he said in a statement. He is expected to assume a superpost of Justice , which will encompass the Public Security area and other federal oversight bodies.