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With 27 Names, Bolsonaro’s First Transition Team Has 3 Ministers and no Woman



In an extra edition of the Official Gazette, the first 27 nominated nominees – all men – by the president-elect, Jair Bolsonaro (PSL), who will be part of the transition team. Of these, 22 were nominated and five were appointed. The latter will not receive pay for work.

Among other names, three ministers already announced by Bolsonaro include Marcos Pontes (Science and Technology), General Augusto Heleno (Defense) and Paulo Guedes (Economics). Judge Sergio Moro, announced as future Justice Minister does not appear on the list. There are no women among the 27 nominees or nominees.

Among the nominees are also the lawyer Gustavo Bebianno, who presided interim the PSL until the end of the elections and is Bolsonaro’s right-hand man; businessman Marcos Carvalho, partner of AM4 Brasil Inteligência Digital, contracted to do the digital marketing campaign of the president; and federal deputy Gulliem Lemos (PSL-PB), who presents himself as Julian Lemos, PSL vice president and Bolsonaro campaign coordinator in the Northeast.

The first group that will make up the transition team is composed of:

  1. Paulo Roberto Nunes Guedes (future Minister of Economy);
  2. Augusto Heleno Ribeiro Pereira (future Minister of Defense);
  3. Marcos Pontes (future Minister of Science and Technology);
  4. Marcos Aurélio Carvalho;
  5. Paulo Roberto;
  6. Luciano Irineu de Castro Filho;
  7. Paulo Antônio Spencer Uebel;
  8. Gustavo Bebianno Rocha;
  9. Arthur Bragança de Vasconcellos Weintraub;
  10. Gulliem Charles Bezerra Lemos;
  11. Eduardo Chaves Vieira;
  12. Roberto da Cunha Castello Branco;
  13. Luiz Tadeu Vilela Blumm;
  14. Carlos von Doellinger;
  15. Bruno Eustáquio Ferreira Castro de Carvalho;
  16. Sérgio Augusto de Queiroz;
  17. Antônio Flávio Testa;
  18. Carlos Alexandre Jorge da Costa;
  19. Waldemar Gonçalves Ortunho Junior;
  20. Abraham Bragança de Vasconcellos Weintraub;
  21. Jonathas Assunção Salvador Nery de Castro;
  22. Ismael Nobre;
  23. Alexandre Xavier Ywata de Carvalho;
  24. Pablo Antônio Fernando Tatim dos Santos;
  25. Waldery Rodrigues Junior;
  26. Adolfo Sachsida;
  27. Marcos Cintra de Cavalcanti de Albuquerque.

Bolsonaro can indicate up to 50 people to the team that will assist you in analyzing the information of the current administration. The group will occupy so-called “Special Transitional Government Positions,” ranging from one to seven – the higher, more important, and higher the pay. In the list for this Monday, the 22 nominees are between levels four and six. Their salaries will be from R $9,926.60 to R $16,215.22, without the accumulation of special fees.

All will have to be exonerated within 10 days after the inauguration of Bolsonaro in the Presidency, on January 1, 2019. Benefits such as housing assistance should be evaluated. Each nominee will still be entitled to a mobile phone to access the “Governa” system, where the data provided by the management of Michel Temer, through the digital certificate.

Also, today was the first meeting of the transition team, at the CCBB (Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil), in Brasília. At the end of the session, Onyx Lorenzoni announced the creation of ten working groups. The number is still expected to grow, according to the federal deputy and extraordinary minister.

Are they:

  • Regional development;
  • Science, technology, innovation, and communication;
  • Modernization of the State;
  • Economy and foreign trade;
  • Education, culture, and sport;
  • Justice, security, and anti-corruption;
  • Defense;
  • Infrastructure;
  • Sustainable production (agriculture and environment);
  • Health and social assistance.

Onyx spoke with reporters accompanied by Heleno and Marcos Pontes. He said the team will follow “the maxim of hard work and little talk”.

“We have to lower our heads, work very hard for a short space of time to put our concepts to the new government. And what we want to present to humble Brazilian society is the result of a lot of dedication, a lot of work, much love for Brazil, “he said.

The extraordinary minister explained that the five named names were either assigned or made available by other bodies.

“From today to tomorrow, there will be a few more names, including some also provided, nominated by the [elected] president himself,” Lorenzoni announced.

According to General Heleno, because of the proposal of “significant reduction of ministries” – today are 29 and Bolsonaro already said he wants to decrease to 15 -, the transition will be “naturally quite elaborate.”

“It takes a lot of understanding between the two teams, […] but I think everything will go very well because the predisposition of the Michel Temer government is to favor all data, all the conditions for that transition to occur quietly, with full support, “the military official said.