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ABPA: Chicken Meat Exports Remains High in October



Surveys of the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA) show that exports of chicken meat in October totaled 366.3 thousand tons, which exceeds by 0.4 percent the exports made in the same month last year, with 364,300 tons.

In revenue, period sales reached US$ 578.5 million, number 8.3 percent lower than the result obtained in October 2017, with US $631.2 million.

In the year, the sector exported 3.425 million tons, 6.7 percent less than the 3.673 million tons shipped between January and October 2017. In revenues, the decline is 11.2 percent, to $ 5, 4 billion tonnes in the first 10 months of this year, compared with $6.1 billion in the same period last year.

“The average of exports recorded during this second half of 397 thousand tons, exceed by more than 8 percent of the performance achieved last year, which confirms the prospect of recovery suggested by the ABPA for 2018,” said CEO Francisco Turra, ABPA.

Fresh pork – Brazilian exports of fresh pork were up 11 percent in October this year, totaling 54,300 tons, compared to 48,900 tons shipped in 2017. In terms of revenue, there was a decrease of 18.8 percent to US $97.3 million – in October 2017, were obtained US $119.8 million.

Considering the sales recorded between January and October, industry shipments reached 450.2 thousand tons, 10.5 percent lower than the 502,900 tons exported and 2017. In revenue, 2018 sales reached US $925, 8 million, 26.1 percent less than the balance of the first 10 months of last year, with US $1.252 billion.

“China remains notable as the destination with the highest rise in imports, making up for the losses caused by the closure of the Russian market now reopened to Brazil. Sales to South American markets such as Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, along with Angola, also helped sustain the good performance in October, “explains Ricardo Santin, executive director of ABPA.