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Bolsonaro Intensifies Transition Process This Week in Brasilia

President-elect will focus on specific points of Welfare reform and the definition of at least four names for ministries


President-elect Jair Bolsonaro arrives this week in Brasília to intensify the transition agenda. In the list of priorities are specific points of the Pension reform and the definition of at least four names for the areas of Environment, Defense, Health and Foreign Affairs. Bolsonaro also has a meeting scheduled with the federal deputy Tereza Cristina (DEM-MS), confirmed to the Ministry of Agriculture.

Tereza Cristina has warned that it is fundamental for her to take measures to protect rural producers and stop what she calls the fines industryBolsonaro indicated that he intends to limit the demarcations of indigenous lands.

Three days ago, President-elect Jair Bolsonaro said he intended to define the names for the ministries of Environment, Health, Defense and Foreign Affairs this week. He recognized difficulties in choosing the head of Education.

Reform of Social Security

The team Bolsonaro wants to pass some measures of welfare reform. Last week, the president-elect received a series of proposals but said he has not yet defined which ones he will carry forward. He denied the possibility of raising the minimum contribution period for full retirement to 40 years.

The president-elect also rejected the proposal to increase the INSS rate from 11 percent to 22 percent. Bolsonaro stressed that public sector pensions are the most deficient and need to be reviewed.

On more than one occasion, Bolsonaro said he did not want to see Brazil transformed into a Greece — where taxpayers had to increase the payment of the linear discount to 30 percent, according to Bolsonaro.

Bolsonaro also said that if he were President Michel Temer, he would veto the 16 percent increase on the salaries of magistrates and the Attorney General’s Office based on the Fiscal Responsibility Law. The readjustment was considered inopportune by Bolsonaro, however, the Senate approved the increase.

Bolsonaro‘s statement was made on 10 December on RecordTV and the recording was published on the Bolsonaro social networks.