Home Administration Bolsonaro Announces Ambassador Ernesto Araujo to Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Bolsonaro Announces Ambassador Ernesto Araujo to Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On Twitter, the president-elect described the diplomat and future foreign minister as a "brilliant intellectual"



The president-elect, Jair Bolsonaro, announced on Wednesday, Nov. 14th the ambassador Ernesto Henrique Fraga Araujo to take over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In a posting on Twitter, Bolsonaro called the chosen one a brilliant intellectual. Araújo has been a diplomat for 29 years and was known for creating a blog in which he defends Bolsonaro‘s ideas.

Currently, Araújo holds the position of director of the department of the United States, Canada and Inter-American Affairs in the Itamaraty. He never commanded a Brazilian embassy abroad.

After confirmation, Araújo said that his mission will be to ensure that the extraordinary moment experienced by Brazil with the election of Jair Bolsonaro is translated into the Itamaraty, with a policy based on national interest, with an active country, relations with its partners and implement new partnerships.

In an interview, the president-elect said that the decision took into account Araújo‘s profile and proposals, even though he is only 51 years old. He’s a very experienced person, he said.

Bolsonaro also affirmed that the performance of Ernesto Araújo will be focused on increasing the business of Brazil with the outside without ideological bias.

In a note, Sinditamaraty (National Union of Servants of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) welcomed the choice of AraújoThe entity is available to collaborate in facing the challenges of Brazilian foreign policy and in the modernization of labor relations in favor of all the servants of the ministry, commented the entity, wishing success to the future minister.

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The ambassador is the eighth minister confirmed to be part of the Bolsonaro government. The other names already announced are Onyx Lorenzoni (Civil House), Paulo Guedes (Economy), General Heleno (GSI), Marcos Pontes (Science and Technology), Sergio Moro (Justice and Security), Tereza Cristina (Agriculture) and Fernando Azevedo and Silva (Defense).