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Bolsonaro Could Announce Two Ministers on Wednesday

It is expected that President-elect will announce the choices for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Environment



President-elect Jair Bolsonaro is to announce on Wednesday, Nov. 14th the ministers of Foreign Affairs and Environment.

On Tuesday, Nov. 13th, in an interview after visiting the Superior Labor Court, he said that the name of the chancellor will be of the framework of the Itamaraty.

Bolsonaro says Ministry of Labor will not be extinguished.

“It is possible to happen until tomorrow. This question is mature. We want someone from the Itamaraty board,” he said.

Bolsonaro also said that the minister of the Environment should be released the same day. The president-elect said he has two names under study but that a third may still emerge.


On Wednesday, Nov. 14th, Bolsonaro will receive visits from ambassadors from Chile, the United Arab Emirates, France, and the United Kingdom. He will also meet with governors-elect.

In the afternoon, after a meeting with the future minister of the Economy Ministry Paulo Guedes, the president-elect returns to Rio de Janeiro.